Views of Hamilton County
Blue Rounded Corner

A strikingly beautiful new building, the Hamilton County Courthouse, was dedicated in 1913. It stands where the earlier structure had been struck by lightning in the violent storm of 7 May 1910. The new building, designed by Reuben H. Hunt, who began his architectural career in the area in the 1880s, cost $350,000. It featured Tennessee gray marble, a glazed tile roof, and a colored-glass dome. On the courthouse grounds were placed statues honoring Confederate General A. P. Stewart of Tennessee, who campaigned in the area in 1863, and John Ross, Indian Chief, Loyal Cherokee, Great American.

The above is taken from “A History of Hamilton County, Tennessee" by James W. Livingood, County Historian 1976 - 1989.

Flower Bed at Courthouse
The flower garden in front of the Court House

South Side of Courthouse
The south side of the Court House

Main Staircase on South Side of Courthouse
The main staircase on the south side

View of Garden from Stairs
The view of the garden from the main stairs

NorthSide of Courthouse
The north side of the Court House

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