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Order from the Chief Justice of the Tennessee Supreme Court Suspending In-Court Proceedings

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The Juvenile Court Clerk is a constitutional officer and is elected by the people for a term of four (4) years. (General duties outlined in TCA 18-1-101).The office of the Juvenile Court Clerk services as a hub for processing and maintaining all legal documents for the Juvenile Court. The Clerk's Office collects Court Cost and Fines that are placed in the County General Fund. The duties and responsibilities are processing all legal documents filed in Juvenile Court, maintaining docket and minute books, keeper of the records, prepare hearing dockets, provide deputy clerks for all court hearings, maintain financial records, collect court cost, fines, bonds any restitution, appoint attorneys as Ordered by the Court, prepare Orders for the Juvenile Court, administer trust funds awards for minors (TCA 29-13-301 Part 3) and any other trust accounts as Ordered the Court.
  1. Processing all legal documents filed in Juvenile Court.
  2. Maintain docket and minute books
  3. Keeper of the records, presently maintain 67,400 files.
  4. Prepare approximately 2,200 new files per year.
  5. Prepare hearing dockets (approximately 40 per week with approximately 400 cases per week)
  6. Provide deputy clerks for all Court hearings (Presiding Judge and three (3) full-time Referees)
  7. Maintain financial records
  8. Collect court cost, fines, bonds and restitution
  9. Appoint attorneys as Orders for the Juvenile Court
  10. Administer trust funds awards for minors (TCA 29-13-301 Part 3), and any other trust accounts as Ordered by the Court
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